Serving the Members of

Launch Date January 1, 2020

How CCORDER payment works

Members or buyers will load money to their cash depository via VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER AND PAYPAL

Members will visit, our mega online store where all registered merchants sell their products.

Members select the products they want to buy and fill in their shopping cart. Our army of botbees are serving them or providing them the best deals. Botbees are searching for best deals 24/7 to server their masters, the members of CrownCard.

Using CCORDER’s cash depository, members will checkout and pay using their dash depository money, not only in CrownCard cart but they can also transfer funds to another member, withdraw to their bank accounts or pay cash to local shops.

CCORDER will send SMS with verification code to member’s mobile phone number to authorize the payment. Even if someone got your password, they can never stole your money.

Merchants and buyers will receive notifications with the transaction details after successful payment.